MARCHE SHOE GROUP has been established in September 2011 by 9 enterprises of Le Marche: Baby Ketty Srl, Bagatto Srl, Calzaturificio Forte di Foresi & Felici Snc, Fabi Spa, Calzaturificio Gal.Men Srl , Guido Scariglia Srl, Icone Srl, Calzaturificio RDB Srl , Vittorio Virgili Srl.
Then also Doucal’s Srl, Cappelletti Srl and Loriblu Spa have joined the group as well as an enterprise, specialized in Digital Marketing.
All the networked enterprises intend to promote the internationalization, the economic and technological development as well as to enhance their market competitiveness and their capacity of innovation through the integration of some components of the company's value chain with the objective to encourage the commercial development of their members in foreign markets, especially in markets with the best growth potential.
The overall strategic objective is realized in a series of specific objectives that can be divided into the primary activities of each company, namely activities that contribute directly to the creation of the product, and support activities, namely activities which do not contribute directly to the creation of the product, but are necessary to the realization of the product itself.
Primary activities of the companies in the network are: external logistics, marketing and sales, services, human resources management, development of technologies.